Why you shouldn’t buy the new iPhone 7

Okay so it’s been 2 years since the iPhone 6 was launched and of course Apple has come up with a new and innovative product that will make us run to our nearest Best Buy and empty our pockets to get their out-of-this-world top technology. Yes my friends, I’m talking about the shiny, brand new iPhone 7! As victims of capitalism we’re all probably dying to have this baby in our hands and show it off to our friends and enemies. However, here I am (party pooper) to tell you DON’T DO IT. Don’t do it because you don’t need it, it’s not worth it and you’ll cause more harm than you can imagine.

After carefully reviewing the differences between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 these are the major improvements that can persuade you to buy this phone:

  1. The antenna has been moved to the top of the phone for a “cleaner look.” Thank God because the antenna strips in the rear drove me crazy and made my phone look so tacky (sarcasm).
  2. The tiny headphone hole that made your life miserable has been removed and now you won’t have to deal with those stupid chords that kept you attached to your phone all day like a prisoner. YOU ARE NOW FREE!
  3. The iPhone 7 is waterproof, which is, (I have to admit) a great feature that I’d love to enjoy. HOWEVER, waterproof phone cases serve the same purpose and won’t make you spend more than 600 on a new phone.
  4. In size and aspect the iPhone 6 is exactly like the iPhone 7 but lighter, so you can stop booking massages for your tired hand after carrying that rock all day.
  5. The iPhone 7 obviously has a better camera and improved camera features (this is expected of every new model) but in sharpness it is the same as the iPhone 6.
  6.  Battery lasts longer (2 hours) WOW THAT IS AMAZING!

Even if you’re an Apple fan you have to admit that this is the worst they’ve done so far when it comes to improving their product and coming up with something “new”.This fake attempt of innovation is almost insulting for the consumers that are expecting a better product because their iPhone 6s (that they bought 2 years ago) is now faling appart. We know that Apple will bring new phones to the market sooner than necessary to keep making money and we also know that they’ve always sold like hot pancakes on a Saturday morning. However, this doesn’t mean that we need to settle for a shitty offer. As consumers, we have the power.

First of all, the product (as always) is extremely overpriced. This is not my data, but The Telegraph indicates that making an iPhone 7 costs less than 300 dolars, yet they’re being sold for about 649 USD. The low manufacturing price doesn’t surprise me considering that Apple products use minerals from exploited countries in Africa and then export them illegally to Asia where they’re ensembled using cheap labor. This is the history of the conflict mineral war and you’re being a part of it every time you buy unnecessary technology (hint: iPhone 7). Wait, but if we’re paying so much for the product and making it is so cheap then who keeps the profit? Ding! Ding! Ding! APPLE. Yes, they’ve tried to wash their hands from this mineral thing several times but in the end there’s never any proof because tracing the minerals is way too complicated.

Well I see what you’re saying but why is buying the iPhone 7 worse than it was to buy the iPhone 6? Well because Apple keeps changing their outlets and making unnecessary changes that the consumer doesn’t ask for (like getting rid if the headphone  jack) to make old chargers, headphones and accessories obsolete. Can you imagine the technological waste that will be produced once everyone starts switching to the new iphone? So many electronics will end up in the trash. I know that we love to think that they’re reused, but they’re really not. And they’re causing more harm to our planet than you realize. Once people start getting rid if their old phones demand goes up and electronic companies turn to conflict minerals and cheap labor again while making huge bank.

The worst part is that in the end we’ll  end up buying the damn thing because Apple admits that their phones have  a life expectancy of only three years. This means that even if you take perfect care of your phone and update it regularly it will eventually die on you and you’ll need a new one. I know this sounds hopeless because as long as they keep making overpriced disposable products we’ll be stuck in the same circle. But have faith because there is a solution. Companies DO respond to a decrease on sales and we as consumers can really make a change. The iPhone 7 is a perfect opportunity to show a powerful company like Apple that NO, we are not impressed by their “innovative technology” and that we demand a better built, durable product that doesn’t produce as much electronic waste. NO, we don’t like the 159 dlls AirPods that we are FORCED to buy because you got rid of the headphone jack. And NO, we won’t be accomplices to your participation in the conflict mineral war and the purchase of cheap labor in Asian and African countries. Doing this once is enough to make them reconsider their approach.

I, as a responsible consumer, will not be buying the new iPhone 7 and I hope after reading this you’ll consider skipping it too. It’s not necessary, it’s not worth it and it does more harm than we realize.

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  1. Ok I will keep my 6s plus


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